Husky Agency Open House Fall 2017

Going into my final week as a college student, I was apart of an open house for Husky Agency, to showcase what projects the teams have been working on. At the open house, we spoke to a group of students and faculty about how our in-house campaign has grown the Husky Agency name, over this semester. For Husky Agency, the logo was updated, the website has received a refreshing new look, and the following on social media has grown. I was apart of the Social Media team and with growing the following of the new P.R. Agency, that is student ran, we wanted new and incoming students understand what Public Relations students at St. Cloud State works on at a senior level.

The second campaign that Husky Agency worked on this semester, was for the University Chronicle. The University Chronicle is the on campus news paper, that any student can write for and receive compensation for their work. The main focus for this campaign was to showcase the Chronicle’s new focus of an online platform. Having an online platform, makes it easy for the social media team to grow a following and keeping the viewers updated on what the Chronicle is working on. The University Chronicle campaign gained a new found presence online and receiving a new student following.

The open house was a complete success, and gave the Husky Agency students a presence of what presenting to real life companies, of what work you have done for them. Giving students hands on experience of how a public relations firm works and runs.


During the Open House, I continued the social media aspect for the campaigns, and started a Facebook live video. This was for any of the students and faculty that weren’t able to make it. This allows our demographic to grow and for other companies, student organizations, and departments to see what we have done this semester and what we are capable as a agency.

If anyone is looking for updating their companies website, growing of social media, an event coming up, and many more options. Please contact Husky Agency on our website or on Facebook at HuskyAgencySCSU

If you would like to view the live video, please click the link below;


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