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1854390-10447869 - Anna Brunelle- Feb 2, 2016 1009 AM - Billboard Assignment Final - COMM 352

For one of my classes at St. Cloud State University, my full semester project was to make a marketing scheme for a company of my choosing. I chose Lululemon Athletica, a luxury clothing brand that was based out of Vancouver, BC, that has expanded to the US. When starting this project, it started on why I chose the company. I chose Lululemon because they are a brand that does have expensive clothing but the quality is worth the prices, in my personal opinion. They are a brand that took something as simple as clothing to workout in and made it cute, fun, and fashionable.

I started with a billboard of my main focus of the scheme, and I wanted to work with the advertising that would reach the most people.

My scheme focused on getting yoga back into peoples lives. Yoga is known for people who are very organic or are a tree hugger. I want people to know that yoga is about getting at peace with oneself and it is for strength and balance of life. “Start the Movement,” is the movement of yoga for everyone and when starting with a new yoga flow, start with cloths from Lululemon Athletica.

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The next step of the project was to reach a larger audience. The next step of print ads was to make a 8.5 x 11 print flyer. This is an ad that should be something that would be found inside a magazine that your company would be in. This should continue to focus on what your print ad scheme and what the campaign follows.

For my magazine print at, I wanted to show what Lululemon’s three main points of interest are. Those are yoga, mens, and fun but also showing off how to get your inner yogie.

“Creating components for people who live longer, healthier, and fun lives. Lululemon is embracing the inner yogie in you. Get back on the mat and yoga by practice, is an innovative that allows you to push yourself to understand why yoga is great thing for your body, and looking great while doing it, in Lululemon clothing. Lululemon clothing is made to be comfortable and stylish.”

Bringing people to the mat and showing off how much the clothing can stretch and bend with your body. Allowing the consumer to see that the clothing will stay on your body when you are doing yoga and not having to constantly fidget with your clothing.


1854390-10460400 - Anna Brunelle- Feb 23, 2016 913 PM - Magazine Ad 2 Final

The second magazine ad was based around simplicity and elegance. Bringing the viewers eye to something that is simple, bright, and easy to read. This ad focuses on getting back on the mat and what Lululemon is all about. The want by the employees to show what Lululemon is all about and what they want for their consumer. The magazine ad a quick easy outlet for companies to showcase their product, and then having their consumer want to learn more by having all the information they would need.


1854390-10482579 - Anna Brunelle- Mar 17, 2016 219 PM - AnnaBrunelleBrochureFinal1854390-10482579 - Anna Brunelle - Mar 17, 2016 219 PM - AnnaBrunelleBrochureFinal

The next step of the project was to again make the view ratio go down. This is a pamphlet of information to be put into each store, to give more information about specific products. Because Lululemon is trying to expand their mens brand, I wanted to show a male’s outfit alongside the female’s outfit. This is giving the viewers an idea of a simple outfit that they can purchase. Even if these can send these out through mail and the consumers has the names of the products, for them to either go into a store or go online and purchase. By having the coupon on the side as well, it gives the consumer a reason to come into the store and see the product in person, to either try on or even just touch and feel.



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