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MKTG 321, Segment Marketing, I learned how to market toward the particular segment a company hasn’t marketed towards. For this class, the other students and I were split into groups and were asked to chose a company and a product. My group first discussed what group of people would be accessible to us to work with and around. We decided on Golf Driver’s and chose this specific product because we were coming up to the golf season. We chose our segment market as males, ages 18-25, who play golf frequently (classified as 2-4 times a week) because this segment was the fastest segment we could obtain answers from in a short amount of time. After surveying the segment, we found that males, ages 18 – 25, who play golf 3 or more times a week, on the St. Cloud State University Campus, prefer the TaylorMade M1 Golf Driver. Because this golf driver was the most popular, and the segment enjoys it over others, because of its technology, we decided to showcase that in the ad. The ad explains the t-track system and how it will effect the ball on contact. Along with the technology, we wanted to keep it bright and golf themed. This project was very interesting because it allowed for us to find a product, narrow down a specific segment, survey the segment, and make an ad campaign for the product, from what the specific segment would want.

***Final Project***

Taylor Made M1 Golf Driver

The group wanted to choose a product that has a segment that would have specific reasons and are very particular when choosing and buying a product. The group chose golf drivers because the group predicts that that golfers would be picky about the features that their specific golf driver would have. The golf driver, it being the longest club it is the most difficult club to hit consistency well on, this would need to be the club that has the most specific features to it. With nicer and newer drivers, the golfer can adjust the shaft to the golfer’s height, but more importantly they tune the golf driver to their specific style of golf.

The segment that is being targeted are male college students ages from 18 – 25. This segment was chosen to generate a good range of young golfers that are still using their parent’s money to buy golf drivers and older students that are under their own money for buying golf drivers. The group decided against going towards women golfers because it seemed to be a very small segment, and the group was worried about not finding enough of this segment on campus at St. Cloud State. This segment was chosen depending on how many times they golf 18-hole course per week. The group predicted that the younger side of the segment would golf more than the older side of the segment.


Probing Questions –

  1. Do you golf?
  2. How often do you golf?
  3. What is your average score on an 18-hole course?

Interview Questions –

  1. Tell me about your current golf driver that you have and why you bought it?
  2. What features do you like about your golf driver, that other golf drivers don’t have?
  3. If you were to buy a new golf driver today, what would you look for and why would you buy it?
  4. Which golf driver would you consider to be the “best” golf driver on the market and what makes it the best today?
  5. What features do other golf drivers have that your golf driver doesn’t?
  6. Does you golf driver brand match the brands of your other golf clubs and explain why they do or don’t?

The group wanted to get a well-rounded group of questions to find out what why the targeted segment chose the specific golf driver that they currently had and why they didn’t buy the specific golf driver that they considered to be the best on the market today.

What is the best driver on the market?
Callaway 5
M1 7
Titleist 2
Nike 1
Ping 1
What does yours have that others don’t?
Forgiveness 1
Adjustability 9
Shaft 2
Grip 1
Technology and materials 4
Quality and Reviews 1
Size of head 1
How many times per week do you golf?
3+ times per week 7
2 times per week 3
1 time per week 6
What brand of driver do you have?
Nike 2
Ping 1
TaylorMade 8
Titleist 1
Callaway 2
What do you like about your current driver?
XS Shaft 2
Bigger sweet spot 3
Carbon Fiber finish 1
adjustability 7
Driver head design 4
Grip 2
If you were to buy a new driver what would you look for?
Adjustability 6
Price 3
Low Spin 1
Loft 2
Quality 1
Sound 1
Review 2

The group found that TaylorMade was the most well-known golf company within the segment that was surveyed. The golf driver that was well known and known as the “best” on the market was the TaylorMade M1. The group chose to focus on the M1 golf driver and TaylorMade for the print ad.

The group chose a print ad because our segment, after research, was found to not be on social media as much as other segments would be. This segment would look at magazine ads, or ads on a poster inside of stores or on billboards. The print ad is better aimed at the targeted segment.


The ad showcases the most well-known golf brand, TaylorMade and the most popular and thought of as the “best” golf driver on the market, the TaylorMade M1. This golf driver has all the qualities that people would want in their golf driver. It is made from 6-layer carbon crown material in the head of the driver, it comes equipped with the t-track system for height and direction of the ball as golfers contact golf ball, and the shaft is adjustable to all golfer height and feel of the club. The ad would start running on March 1st, 2018 through Labor Day 2018. It would be published through posters/signs in all Dick’s Sporting Goods stores and Scheels in the golfing section. They would be near the TaylorMade clubs and would be large enough to catch the consumer eye. This ad would be presented to both Dick’s Sporting Goods and Scheel’s Sporting Goods through a presentation and shown why it would be beneficial to both TaylorMade and the sporting goods stores, due to the want for new golf drivers every season but also the want to buy one of the TaylorMade golf driver generations and come back for the second generation, the TaylorMade M2. This would allow for repeat business through the features that this club has and the company continues to put into their golf drivers.

The consumer would buy from this ad, because this ad shows off the technical side of the golf driver. This segment, in research, shows that men of the ages 18 – 25 like to learn about the features of a club before purchasing or purchasing the “best” golf driver on the market. This ad has a bright colored background that makes the consumers eyes drawn to the large club with the text boxes that explain the main features of the club. This ad will draw the consumer’s eyes to it while learning about the club in a quick and efficient way.

The five-step process was being used throughout this research project. The problem for golfers are that there are newer and better golf drivers on the market, that have technology that their current golf driver doesn’t have. That proposes a problem for their golf game. They search golf drivers by the top three features, adjustability, technology, and price. Golfers want up to date technology, but with the adjustability to make the golf driver unique to the golfer’s specific game. Adding to having that most up to date technology and not breaking the bank. Keeping the price low but not having cheap equipment. To evaluate the alternatives would be to compare the golf drivers that have all the unique features that a golfer would want to the most well-known brand and club, which would be the TaylorMade M1. After searching the alternatives, then would come to purchasing and evaluating your purchase.

After the groups research, we found that men ages 18 – 25 look for golf drivers that can adjust the club to the specific golfer’s height and style of golfing. Features that golfers also take into consideration when purchasing, is the price and the technology that goes into the club. All features found to sway a consumer’s decision when purchasing a golf driver. When taking these features into consideration the group put those into the print ad. Having the most well-known brand and the known as the best golf driver on the market, will catch the consumers eye with some bright colors and having technology. Golf drivers are specific to golfers due to it typically being the first club a golfer would use and the hit that will make or break your score.

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