Solo PR Campaign

My senior project was a solo public relations campaign. The method that was taken took on four parts; Research, Planning, Communication, and Evaluation. We were to choose a company or organization on campus to run the first three parts and evaluate the final product of the project. Due to the semester not being long enough to fulfill the campaigns final evaluation of my work, I evaluated how I did regarding research, planning, and communication.

This project was a semester long project, not only did it teach me how to run a full public relations campaign, but taught me time management and drive to work on my own.

I chose Copies Plus, a copies store on the campus of St. Cloud State University. This organization is located in the campus hub. They sell prints, posters, text books, and much more. This organization is student ran with the building administration supervision. The demographic that I tested can be found on page 34-36. I tested both internally and externally; and found what opportunities Copies Plus has on the St. Cloud State University Campus.

This project opened my eyes to how much is put into a public relations campaign. I learned a lot about my future career and I am very proud of the final product.

Project is attached below:

434 PR Project

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